Episode 11

1998 - The one with B*Witched

1998 was fun! Not just because B8Witched and The Corrs entered our lives, but also becuase of all the movies Terry hasn't seen! Listen as his hatred of comedy continues and Emma's love of horror grows as we discuss the massively underrated Blade.

There's some more surprising additions to Emma's special list, even from a certain puppet master and a comet!

On top of all this, we also discus:

  • Emma's dating history, including a new 'date Emma' feature.
  • Chris Tarrant impressions
  • Soccer AM vs Soccer Saturday.
  • Steaming vaginas.
  • Deep imapct vs Armaggedon.
  • Was The Royle Family in Liverpool or Manchester?
  • Terry still doesn't like vampires.
  • Is The Truman show real?
  • A tribute to Jane McDonald.
  • And more...

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