Episode 13

The one with all the arguing!

Let battle commence as Terry and Emma pick their top 10's from each genre and try to form a combined top 10 list. This does not go well. They had to call an adjudicator, step forward Peter Garbacz! What could possibly go wrong?

  • Terry has a nervous breakdown before the show starts.
  • Emma changes the rules approximately 17 times.
  • The pair actually agree on some things.
  • Terry boldly bans people from listening.
  • Emma continues to attempt to scare Terry into believing this isn't actually his reality.
  • All the swears!
  • Pete manages to simmer down many arguments.
  • Pete has since sued the show for trauma related stress.
  • Pete has also charged for his counselling services.

Big thanks to Peter Garbacz who was most excellent and you can find him here: https://www.petergarbacz.com/

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